Work in smart working

Working in smart working does not only mean working from a location outside the office. It means offering to all your employees the possibility to work from home or remotely, keeping the same productivity that they would have in their traditional way of work, maintaining this way the compliance of the business processes.

 With BRM you can:

  • create a map of business processes and departments;

  • define the roles, work groups and the communication amongst them, consistently with your quality system and the business operational ways;

  • make your collaborators work on a single smart channel, in compliance with your own policies and without getting lost between chats, emails and other tools;

  • start the integrations with management clouds, hybrid clouds and intranet to ensure the sharing of information between departments and different offices;

  • saving times and grant productivity, efficiency and motivation for people.

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Get in touch by filling in this form, we will guide you in every step to organise smart working for your company in short time!

There are many aspects to coordinate in the digital space:

communication, interactions and exchanging information such as documents, excel spreadsheets, tasks, KPI

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the integrations with the business systems (clouds, hybrid clouds and intranet)

  • ERP
  • CRM
  • HRM
  • project management tools
  • industry systems 4.0
  • reporting and Business Intelligence
  • video-call systems, emails and chats
  • documents management

BusinessRM simplifies all the steps

BusinessRM is an advanced model of sharing of the “Organisation First” type that allows you to set up smart working for the whole business in few steps, simplifying the way of sharing the information.

And if you need extra support, sign up to the Support Group for Smart Working: you will be able to confront with other businesses and ask experts for advice. It’s a free service offered in collaboration with our network!

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