A crisis, a change, an opportunity

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A crisis, a change, an opportunity

A crisis, a change, an opportunity

We are living an historical phase that has plunged us in a crisis for all the aspects of our daily lives. But from every crisis a change is born, and, if seized in the right way, it turns into an opportunity to become better people.

Change could also be the word that expresses best the effects of the lockdown. Because this pandemic has caught us by surprise and we have had to learn to adapt in order to try and continue living our lives. By now, we know that companies are the first to have brought on this transformation, a transformation, this one, which is virtually digital. But let’s not forget that companies are made of people, and so, we also need to ask ourselves: how are they living this change?


Hidden skills and energy


In the most difficult moments and those of crisis, people are able to reinvent themselves, to bring out the best of them, discovering “hidden” skills and energy, that maybe they did not know themselves. According to a survey by Life Based Value for the 41% of  people, the experience of lockdown has improved some skills. This is a positive data, because people acknowledge that they have been able to adapt and seize the opportunity in a difficult moment instead of sinking in stress. According to the same survey, people feel they have improved their open-mindedness (53%) and the ability to manage change (81%).


Potential to listen to


Hence, in front of people who have been able to seize this opportunity by riding the change in a positive way, employers must know how to take this new potential in a way that is useful also to the business objectives. Their employees expect the company to be able to adapt to the change. A change where, in these times, mood and listening count very much too. Indeed, 69% of the interviewees is waiting for these aspects to be taken into consideration.


A trusted manager


So, here as well we go back to the idea of business change, which does not have to be digital only, but also internal, especially for the leadership people. Indeed, they are the first ones that should have seized this transformation at a personal level, to then be able to apply what they learned to the company. Now, the manager needs to be a trusted manager that has great talent for listening and sharing.



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